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Panasonic-inverter-microwave-door-latch, hi, i have a panasonic microwave (model nnsn676s) that has the following problem: when i close the door, sometimes it seems it doesn't "latch properly" (although the door is closed shut and the latch does seem to be correctly engaged) and so the microwave won't start because it thinks the door isn't closed (properly).. $9.32 microwave door key (or door latch). the door latch ensures that the microwave door is closed while the microwave is operating. if the door latch is broken, the microwave will not start., my panasonic microwave oven (model nn-sd698s) had a door latch stop engaging after a few years. it turns out this is a common failure for panasonics: the latch mechanism is screwed to an unsupported sheet metal bracket, and over many open/close cycles, fatigue prevents the bracket from providing enough lateral pressure to engage..

Panasonic commercial microwave parts and accessories use our commercial microwave parts and accessories to repair your broken microwave many restaurants, fast food joints, and office break rooms utilize microwaves to steam or reheat food, and it is important to repair them if they break., family-size 1.2 cu. ft. countertop microwave oven with inverter technology, stainless.

Panasonic - 2.2 cu. ft. countertop microwave in black - luxury size. one-touch sensor cooking. inverter delivers variable power resulting in a consistent energy flow that allows even cooking and eliminates cold spots. - thd sku# 622146, find all the parts you need for your panasonic microwave nnt945sf at we have manuals, guides and of course parts for common nnt945sf problems.