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Painting-over-sealed-wood, apply primer to the water-sealed wood with a brush or a roller. brush or roll the paint in the direction of the wood grain. adhere to the painting guidelines for your particular paint for using either an oil-based primer or a latex-based primer.. My kitchen is very 60's but extremely well laid out. i'd like to change hinges, handles and paint the cupboards to give it an inexpensive update!!! is there a paint i can use over sealed wood without having to strip and sand everything down? thanks all., it isn't any more difficult to paint over stain than it is to paint over bare wood. if the stain has a finish, you need to scuff or degloss the finish to ensure paint adhesion. apply a coat of high-solids primer to prevent the stain from bleeding through and then scuff the primer and apply paint..

Painting over stained wood furniture is also very similar to the other two mentioned above. step 1: remove dirt and other particles by thoroughly washing the furniture with a scouring pad and all-purpose cleaner. step 2: roughen the surface by sanding it with 120-, 150-, and 180-grit sandpaper. start with the 120-grit going up., q: my childhood dresser is beautiful but the wood stain looks faded. i’d love to update it with fresh paint and new hardware, but i’ve heard that you can’t get good results painting over stain..

You can paint over stained wood trim, cabinets, doors, furniture, or most any other stained wood, however you must prepare the stained wood before painting so the paint will stick. here are the steps for how to paint over stained wood properly., how to: paint over stain though it's no problem to paint over stain and other wood finishes, the key to success lies in preparing the surface properly..

How to paint over wood paneling. brighten up a room by covering dark panel walls with a fresh coat of paint. cost $ skill level start to finish 1 day. tools. putty knife drop cloth or plastic sheeting paint roller and tray masking tape ..., how to paint over previously stained & varnished trim. in all paint projects, the finish is only as good as the surface preparation. this is especially true when painting over stained and .... Revitalising an old varnished piece of furniture like a table or a cabinet is easier than you think. learn how at bunnings warehouse. for more d.i.y. advice, and details about tools and materials ...