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Painting-a-clawfoot-tub-exterior, open a can of acid etching primer and apply it to the entire exterior of the tub using a sponge. allow the acid to sit for 15 minutes and then rinse it off with clean water. the acid etching primer makes the paint stick better to the cast iron. step 7. I have been working on painting a claw foot tub and the results make my heart sing. this is the first step in a bathroom makeover that i hope you all are going to love. step one was to paint the monster in the room. i did some research and painting a claw foot tub is surprisingly easy. and i have been scared all of these years!, have an original clawfoot bathtub in your old house bathroom? brighten up your bath and create a sunny vintage bath look by painting your clawfoot tub a tranquil pastel color.. the wear and tear of a 100 year old clawfoot bathtub can be unmistakable; the heat of the water is in itself very trying to any paint or enamel, especially when, as often happens, the water is allowed to enter the bath ....

Painting a clawfoot tub. by joe keegan on october 20, 2010 at 11:29 pm. print; 10; let’s talk tubs. there is a mountain of information about restoring clawfoot tubs on the internet. most of ..., cast iron clawfoot tub – old claw foot tubs are often appreciated for its deep sides and nostalgic look. often an older tube find on the back of someone’s garage or rusting away in an upstairs bathroom of an older home. because these pods back to life by painting the outside of the tub is almost a requirement if you own one..

Today i’m sharing a post about painting my claw foot tub over at live creatively inspired. one of the things that made me decide to buy my house was the claw foot tubs in both bathrooms. i have always loved these simple but glamorous tubs. unfortunately, they were both in need of a little face lift. nothing major, just a simple paint job., how to paint a vintage clawfoot tub. have i ever actually told you guys how we found the clawfoot tub? i could swear that i wrote a post about it about a year ago but now i can't seem to find it..

I need advice on painting the exterior of a clawfoot bathtub. the exterior of the tub was blasted with crushed glass (soda blasted on the interior) and all of the old paint was removed with this process. the cast iron has some pitting, probably due to age and years of sitting outdoors, but the blasting cleaned it up nicely., wash. you’ll be painting only the exterior of the tub. check that any existing exterior paint is intact and not flaking off. (if it is flaking, you’ll need to have the tub stripped or sandblasted first so the new paint won’t peel.).

Use a high-velocity, low-pressure (hvlp) paint sprayer to apply three coats of epoxy primer to the interior and exterior surfaces of the tub. wait for the primer to dry completely before proceeding. 10. use the hvlp sprayer to apply an epoxy topcoat to the interior and exterior of the tub.