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Paint-or-replace-plastic-shutters, why choose shutter renu™ instead of painting or replacing vinyl shutters. why is it better to apply shutter renu™ to my existing shutters than to replace them? your initial and long-term costs will be several times lower than replacing. your shutters are probably in good shape and are simply weathered, faded or oxidized.. Answer 1 of 8: yes, you can paint vinyl shutters. first make sure they are throughly clean and dry. then is they are glossy give them a light skuff up with a scotch bright pad or fine sandpaper. finally i would recommend using a spray paint that is designed for plastic. you can buy this at most home improvment stores. do a test spot first and make sure there are no reactions., i have vinyl shutters that have faded. i was going to replace them, but was told there is a paint that can be used and to just do that. they do not appear to be cracked or anything - just a lot of sun exposure. house is almost 5yrs old..

I painted my entire exterior vinyl siding and shutters. i painted the siding with behr exterior satin with the primer already in the paint, light blue to a rich taupe, and the shutters with krylon paint for plastic, from white to black., shutters are usually the finishing touch on a home’s exterior. they add elegance, character and bring the home to life. while shutters originated as a practical way to control light into a home, protect from the elements and add a level of security to a home, today’s shutters are typically cosmetic and just add to the look of a home..

Painting vinyl shutters painting - staining | remodeling text: tim carter. these faded green shutters can be made to look just like new with soap, water and some urethane resin paint. dear tim: i have some 8-year old green vinyl shutters that have faded badly. these shutters are in very good condition otherwise, but they are chalky and just ..., tips on painting shutters. if you start counting slats, you might never get it done, but painting the shutters on your home can extend their life for years and brighten the look of your whole house..

Dear christina: whether you buy your exterior shutters from a home improvement store or have them custom made, the cost will depend on how many windows you have and what size and style of shutter you choose, as well as type of material and hardware.. a store-bought pair of 15-inch by 63-inch raised-panel vinyl shutters can start at around $70, while a pair of custom-made painted wood shutters ..., if you have polystyrene shutters you can use any exterior grade latex based primer and paint. typically, one coat of primer and two coats of paint will be more than sufficient. for best results, the paint should be applied using a spray method as to ensure a nice even coat and prevent runs, drips, and streaks in the paint..

My shutters are attached to the natural cedar siding with plastic shutter pins (they're sold near the shutters at home depot). i took down the faded shutters, cleaned them with soap and water, then sprayed them with kilz primer.