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Paint-a-concrete-floor-to-look-like-marble, finishing a concrete floor to look like marble gives the appearance of a more expensive stone, without the hassle that having marble floors entails. concrete floors offer stability that other floors can't, and all that is required to take care of the painted concrete floor is an occasional sweeping and mopping.. How to paint a floor to look like marble. marble is a luxurious-looking, expensive material that's often seen in large, ornate buildings such as banks and museums. if a marble floor is a little ..., i want to build a kinda shed kinda potting place kinda she shed. i would build it on my concrete patio. just a simple 8x8 n the roof would be a metal roof..

Because concrete is porous, it will suck up paint like a sponge. therefore, you should cover the concrete floor with a high-quality primer. use long, even strokes and a paint roller. always start from the back of the wall and work forward to prevent painting yourself into a corner., how to make concrete look like marble – 7 easy steps to follow step 1: choose color and the marble texture you want. at the very beginning, you need to find out the texture you want to work with. you can find it from the marble catalogs. keep an image of that texture with you. it will help you to replicate that texture on your chosen area..

Faux marble flooring: faux marble floor i painted over 30-year-old 12 x 12 tile, applied with adhesive over concrete. any marbling techniques i have found are difficult. doing a large floor would be too hard to tackle with my arthritis and fibromyalgia. it took me 10..., how to paint a faux marble surface. transform a worn dresser or tabletop using an acrylic painting technique that mimics the look of marble. cost $ skill level start to finish 2 days. tools. sandpaper paper towels tack cloth medium-grit sandpaper ....

This is a short video on how to change concrete , you do not have to spend a lot of money, paint what you want, just know how to do it, lol, had an art teacher told me in 9th grade , when i ask ..., however, concrete acid stain possesses the unique property of creating a marble-like effect without any additional staining techniques. particularly on older concrete slabs exposed to the elements, the variable porosity of the slab allows the stain to penetrate to different depths, creating natural areas of light and dark staining.