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P-trap-under-sink-leaking, a p-trap leak isn't like a leak from a pressurized water pipe, and because it only happens when water is draining from the sink, you might not know it's there until water begins collecting on the bottom of the cabinet.. You can perform your own diy plumbing. in this video i show you how to fix a leaking p trap under the sink. this applies to most types of sinks with a ptrap - laundry sink, kitchen sink and ..., one cause of a leaking p-trap is a failed washer. replace this by removing the p-trap and taking off the washers, which are fitted to the threads at each end. look for corroded or cracked washers, although it is a good idea to replace them all. find replacement washers that are the exact same size, and slide them onto the ends..

I undid the p trap under my bathroom sink to clear a clog and now when i put the whole thing back together it leaks out of the top of the slip joint that connects the down pipe from the sink drain to the j-pipe. the down pipe is 1 - 1/4" and the j-pipe is 1-1/2" and i am using the correct reducer gasket. it was not leaking (and never had) before i took it apart., a leaky p-trap usually isn't a major disaster, but it can cause damage if you allow the leak to persist. the job of diagnosing it is a simple one -- all you have to do is fill the sink, open the....

To fix a leaky sink trap, start by placing a bucket beneath the trap. using tongue-and-groove pliers, disconnect the slip-joint nuts that hold the trap to the tailpiece and drainpipe. be ready for water to pour out of the disconnected pipe momentarily. once you have taken the trap apart, clean it out with a straightened […], turn off the water and place a bucket under the plumbing. remove the p-trap and the tailpipe that comes down from the drain. to remove this, put a basin wrench on the nut under the sink and a pair of pliers through the drain on the top..

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