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Oxy-breather-single-sided-nasal-cannula, the oxy-breather single-sided nasal cannula starter set has everything you need to begin breathing single-sided oxygen. it delivers the same safe levels of oxygen as the standard cannula (up to 4 lpm) while it removes two-thirds of the plastic tubing from your face.. For use with oxy-breather starter set - replace your worn out cannula tubing with a brand new single-sided nasal cannula refill. simply remove your old tubing from the support arm and replace with your fresh cannula. nasal cannula flow rate is between 1-4 lpm. nasal cannulas available in 2 tubing lengths: short (4’) or long (7’). 1 cannula: $19.99/each to order online simply select a 4 ..., single nasal cannula for supplemental oxygen therapy there’s a new oxygen delivery device available for people with copd who are on supplemental oxygen. it’s quite simple really — a single nasal cannula tubing that fits into only one nostril and over one ear, rather than on both sides..

Oxy-tech, inc. has developed the next generation in oxygen cannula's; it is a 'single-sided' cannula that looks more like a bluetooth device that an advertisement of illness. the oxybreather ..., an innovative, single-prong oxygen delivery device the uni-flo2 single nasal oxygen delivery device is the first design with the user in mind. half the weight, half the skin contact, twice as discreet. the uni-flo2 conforms to all facial contours with a strain relief system that ensures continuous oxygen flow and maximum comfort..

H eadset combined with the oxyarm oxy-cannula is designed to extend to the front of the face and delivers oxygen with no physical contact with the ears, nose or cheeks. the head-band can adapt for left or right sided positioning. it is adjustable to the user's needs with a wire insert to maintain the shape the user sets., an innovative, single-prong oxygen delivery device the uni-flo 2 offers you optimum oxygen absorption, enhanced user appearance & maximum freedom of movement. clinical support buy now view instructions . compliance. increase your prescription compliance, reduce hospital visits with a device that is easy to wear with more dignity for you..

New type of nasal canula bill clark - community manager 3 years ago. add an answer. answers. answer view more anonymous: unfriend friend requested friend: load more. close. copd360social posts are monitored by senior director of community engagement and copd360social community ..., equate accessories soft nasal cannula with oxygen tubing is gentle and flexible for extra comfort while still providing the reliable crush-resistance you need. designed with curved, non-flared nasal prongs to meet the needs of long-term oxygen patients, these soft-touch nasal cannulas help minimize irritation, soreness and friction-related sores..

This entry was posted on february 24, 2014 by scott ridl. "hello, i just received my first portable oxygen concentrator the other day, and i'm very satisfied with the service. i'm glad that it also came with a free nasal cannula and tubing, which saved me some hassle even though it doesn't seem like a big deal.